Ever wonder why wine glasses come in so many varieties? It's more than a stylistic distinction. Every shape has a unique purpose in wine tasting.

The grape variety you choose to drink will determine the glass that is right for you. Every varietal needs a different glass shape to highlight its individual characteristics. Your glass can tell a lot about the wines you are drinking. You can find a variety of glasses by browsing our collections of new wine glasses.

Types of Wine Glasses

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Your wine glass shape is important to maximize the flavor, aroma, and overall development. Let's take a look at the basic shapes of wine glasses and their impact on your drinking experience.

Red wine glasses have a fuller, rounder bowl that has a wider opening. This allows the wine to be able to express its aroma and flavor. Red wines have complex aromas and flavors that require more surface area to allow for airflow.

White wine glasses are taller and more U-shaped. This allows for the aromas to be released and maintains a cooler temperature. Your glass choice for white wines will depend on its age and the wine's flavors. Younger, crisp wines are more enjoyable in wine glasses that have a wider opening. This allows the wine to reach the sides and tip of your tongue. Here you can enjoy the sweetness.

A traditional glass for champagne or sparkling wine is a narrow, upright flute. This allows the glass to retain carbonation and preserve the flavor. The same glass can be used for both sweeter and dry champagnes. A flute can be slightly different to a traditional champagne glass because it tends to flare outward at its top.