Upcoming IPO or Initial Public Offering allows investors to accumulate stocks of a particular company when they are first introduced in the market, called the primary market. In this way, an investor doesn't have to buy stock at the listed price. Another advantage with investing in upcoming IPOs is that the investor's portfolio doesn't remain sector-centric.

Initial public offering allows investors to earn big profit if the offering is oversubscribed and the concerned stock demands high premium on the very first day of its listing. You can also join us to earn more profits through IPOs.

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On the flip side they are a risky investment, as IPO stocks can be highly volatile and over-valued. The stock may get listed below par thereby causing a huge loss for the investor. There are other disadvantages such as spruced up financial accounts before IPO which can misguide an investor. Due to inadequate performance reports and other financial data the company stock could tank on listing. IPO stocks gradually lose their fizz after listing.

Upcoming IPO details can be found online and offline. Stock brokers, stock exchange and brokerage houses are some of the people/places who provide information and forms for these companies.

Mutual funds are entities that allow an investor to save small amounts of money in their schemes. This money, multiplied by millions of investors is then professionally and systematically invested in various investment products such as stocks, bonds and commodities.