Being active and engaged is beneficial for everyone’s physical and cognitive health, especially for seniors with memory disorders. 

Whether you’re still caring for your loved one at home or you’ve found them the best memory care facilities, brief and straightforward activities provided several times a day is the most effective and beneficial.

  1. Games and Puzzles

Crossword and jigsaw puzzles help reduce stress and keep the problem-solving brain active, making them great activities for individuals with early to mid-stage dementia. They also boost confidence. 

Other fun games include:

  • Bingo: This fun activity can be easily adapted for people with memory issues while stimulating the thought process and memory.

  • Card matching games: Matching images of birds, flowers, or pictures of friends and family can help flex the memory muscle–and a fun way to spend an afternoon.

  • Pattern blocks and boards: Cut out different shapes using heavy stock paper in various colors and patterns. Patients can use boards to create fun pictures or free-form shapes or even trace them on paper. This will help maintain motor skills and muscle memory as well as stimulate creativity and in-the-moment joyfulness.

  1. Making a Memory Box

Don’t hesitate to bring up your senior loved one’s memories. Making a memory box can help them feel connected to their past experiences and provide an opportunity for some lovely storytelling. Get any box and fill it with objects they have used at home, work, in sports, or as hobbies. Just make sure to use objects that are safe to handle. Decorating the box can also be a good pastime.