The most well-known fire protection systems include ansul, standpipe, dry pipe, and alarm systems. Before you can get your occupancy permit, your fire protection system must be approved by the Fire Department. 

This applies to any new system as well as any modification or alteration to existing systems. It is important to understand the requirements for approval of your installed fire protection system if you are building a new facility or an occupant.

fire protection system

Your system plans must be submitted for review to the fire prevention bureau in order to receive a smoke detector system and fire alarm. 

Common requirements include minimum number of plans per fire alarm, manufacturer's specifications sheets for all devices, standby battery calculations, wire sample, complete fire alarm system application and completed fire alarm review submission sheet. The review includes rough inspection of the wiring and a final acceptance and performance testing.

There are some guidelines for fire alarm systems: Each dwelling unit must have at least one approved single or multiple station smoke detector in each bedroom. These detectors can be used to detect specific types of groups. The system must include products from combustion detectors on corridors, at each level landing area, and in storage areas.

The boiler rooms, janitorial closets and mechanical equipment rooms as well as the workshop and laundry areas are all places where thermal detectors should be installed. A specified method must be used to silence or reset the common area detector system from an accessible position near the front door of each floor.So understand the process of the fire protection system before installing it.