Remember opening a freshly printed magazine or newspaper for the first time and reading it from the first page to the last? Perhaps this memory can be associated with only those who used to buy and read physical copies.

The world has changed a lot now! With the far-reaching Internet and a rapid escalation of smartphones and tablets,a new world or platform has emerged in front of the content providers and publishers- this is the world of digital publishing platforms.

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No doubt the Internet and handheld devices are transforming our taste to ingest content. And, as the technology is maturing and the development of new tools is taking place, readers too have turned their heads towards digital editions.

The emergence of numerous digital publishing platforms which enables you to release your digital content in different forms online, also allows you to bestow user interface to read, share and embed it with ease. You now need to create interactive content which is interesting and keeps the reader engaged.

On In addition to this, for academic users these platforms can deliver ease, overall cost savings and higher efficacy. They offer a unique way to cater to special needs of a specific knowledge domain.