TCT Magazine began as a Rapid Prototyping newsletter but has rapidly expanded to encompass the most up-to-date information and information on the growing 3D technologies.

This can cover everything from 3D Printing, Metrology, and 3D Scanning, to Layout and Additive Manufacturing. You can buy 3d model online via

We like how each guide and topic is recorded by the author, so it is quite easy to select your favorite subject and keep your eye on the writers' releases.

The sister edition of the 3D Printshow, Disruptive allows a multitude of independent support for enthusiastic 3D Print enthusiasts.

Joining the website with frequent blog articles, a magazine, and a range of eBooks, there is something for everybody, whether you're a business, brand, consumer, or a lover of this business. The blog features opinions and insights from any of the industry's most great-respected thought-leaders.

This four-year-old site has around 1.5 million unique visitors a month, which is not surprising once you consider the variety and quality of its content.

If you're wanting to get into 3D printing, this website provides a beneficial price comparator between different 3D printers which are now on the market.

We especially enjoy the video category that has interviews, 3D printing videos, and in-depth technology and procedure reviews.

With a strong focus on entrepreneurship and the latest technological innovations, this site is fantastic for discovering the most recent 3D printing ability and developments.

It is very well organized and since upgrades are made very often, there is always plenty of exciting content to search through.