Setting up and running a salon website is quite easy. Attracting traffic seems to be the hardest part. There are many ways these days to drive traffic to your website without knowing search engine optimization techniques so that your website appears in search results on the first pages of Google, Yahoo, MSN, and the like.

Here are some beauty parlor marketing strategies you can use to quickly get targeted traffic to your website:

Article Marketing:

Writing articles for several websites on the search engine with keyword-rich content is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Articles index quickly and get good search engine rankings so you can view your articles and direct article readers to your website for more information.

7 digital strategies your salon can't afford to ignore

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Social media like Twitter do a great job when it comes to sending targeted traffic to your website. Twitter uses the information you write to build lists that resemble email lists of followers who are interested in you and your business. Twitter is a marketing tool that shouldn't be ignored.


Like Twitter, Facebook can drive traffic to your website by interacting with your Facebook friends. Facebook has a lot to offer companies looking to promote their business online.

YouTube videos:

Videos on youtube are a great way to send traffic to your website. You can show your work to 100 people every day and direct them to your website for more information. People love videos and watch them when you provide quality information for a profit.