Since the drone technology was introduced to the market, it has captured the imagination of people belonging to different sectors. 

However, even with the incredible success of drones, people have identified the need for continuous improvement if these air vehicles must realize their true potential. This is why scientists and technology experts from around the world are trying to make improvements and enhancements to existing UAV technology to smooth out its flaws. You can surf this website and get the best drone insurance at the time of purchasing.

7 Key Improvements Being Made to Drone Technology - UAVLance - Medium

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Some areas UAVs in which improvements are made and these include:

Battery Life:

One of the biggest challenges faced by people in the use of drones is its limited lifespan of the battery. Drones that are currently available can not remain airborne for over half an hour because their batteries do not hold a lot of power. This is one aspect of UAVs in which much progress has been made. In addition, technology experts are also studying the possibility of using solar energy to give power to UAVs.

Avoidance Of Collisions:

Security has always remained one of the most talked aspects of UAV technology. To fight against collision risk, scientists are working on a collision-avoidance system for UAVs. The idea behind this is that drones will be equipped with a system that would be able to detect the presence of other objects in their path and take evasive maneuvers to avoid a collision.


Navigation is another area of UAV technology that sees much improvement these days. For now, GPS is used in order to navigate the drone, but there are several flaws with this strategy. GPS signals stop working in places that can negatively affect the UAV flight model. To avoid this problem, scientists are working on backup navigation systems that can take over if the GPS stopped working for some reason.