As the saying goes, silence speaks louder than words, a gift is probably the best possible example. Through a small gift, you can convey not only how important she is for you but also show that you are sensitive to her needs, though you may not have expressed it verbally. If you are looking for engagement gifts, you can visit

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There are several occasions when you are faced with the dilemma of selecting the best gift for her. An engagement is a moment very dear to your heart. As it is said that it's the first step that matters. 

Engagement is the first step towards the life that will go on to become the most integral relation of your life. This day attests to the beginning of a journey filled with trust, reliability, love, and commitment. 

Going by tradition, engagement gifts refer to the gifts given to the couple, by their relatives so that they can begin a life together with ease. In the passage of time, the connotation has undergone an expansion. Engagement gifts ideas now also include gifts that you might plan for your fiance.

Engagement gift ideas are of a kaleidoscopic variety. There is no need to get your mind boggled though. The best gift for her would depend on your knowledge of her preferences. A gift that is unique, sensitive, and meaningful would definitely serve your purpose and benefit the occasion of engagement. 

A ring with the initials of both of your names could be one of the good options, others that fill the league are heart-shaped photo frames, or even a gorgeous dress for your rare lady could be a good gift.