Do you want to have a specially designed T-shirt for yourself or you want to design your own custom T-shirts, there are various ways to do it. If you are looking for someone to make a custom t-shirt with a picture, the first step is to find a store that has the color and style of the t-shirt you want to order.  Finally, you want to make sure the price is reasonable for specially made t-shirts. If you design your own shirt, there are several different methods that you can use to do it.

Screen or silk-screen printing

With this method, you will usually be asked for display costs. Besides that, you also have to pay for each color that you add to your special T-shirts. When using multiple colors, each will require additional effort and time because each color must be applied separately. Each color needs to dry completely before the next color can be added.


The printer can be the same as it is connected to your printer, making custom shirt printing cheaper and faster. Some stores can use thermal transfers to ensure your artwork is reproduced perfectly because it will be scanned to the computer and then printed to transfer paper. The disadvantage is that they may not survive during the screen-printed T-shirts.

Print-on-demand at the point of sale

This type of store will allow you to upload your own artwork and print special shirts one by one. You can order as much as you want and you can also set up an online store to allow others to order special T-shirts with your design so you can get a profit.

If you are going to sell your design, make sure it will be everyone who will want it and not just something you like. One thing to remember is that when you order a custom printed T-shirt request, they are not cheap because they have to make a profit too. They also charge more for shirts than for bulk purchases.