COVID-19 has surely revolutionized the landscape in continuing professional training (CPE) for the rest of the time. There are no longer meetings or in-person seminars, they've been replaced with virtual conferences that are conducted via Zoom or online classes available through CPE portals. 

At first glance, it appears impossible to imagine that this new method of learning is better than the conventional methods for getting CPE credits. However, there are advantages to earning CPE credits via cpe training online methods. 

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Benefits for course participants, CPA firms, or other employers, as well as CPE hosts and providers.

Cost Savings

The lower cost of travel for both employers and attendees is a major benefit to all parties. Apart from the cost of attending a conference or seminar, there are other costs for travel like airfare and accommodation for multiple days that could be at or even more than conference fees.

More Participation in Numbers

The fact that seminars and conferences are held in a handful of locations across the nation restricts the number of people who are able to travel together to a seminar or conference. CPA firms must select employees who can be most beneficial from a particular conference and select only those employees to attend.

Innovative approaches to Teaching and Learning

Presenting a subject online as opposed to in-person can be a significant change for presenters who aren't used to it. In all likelihood, it's much simpler for a seasoned presenter to change their presentation little and then repeat the same information in the same manner for several years. For those who have been present for many years reviewing the presentation materials can help in identifying areas and topics which require updating or removed or expanded or alteration.