Winter is dragging on just a little too long now. The snow is hanging around longer than an unwanted or uninvited guest and the cold is hitting the bones of even the healthiest of people. This is the time of the year that many people take off in search of sunnier climates or at least are imagining themselves lying on the beach improving their suntans in a couple of months' time. 

So if you are going to seek out a hot beach somewhere there is one item of beach cover-up that you should definitely pack in your suitcase to take with you. It is important that you feel relaxed, confident, comfortable, and attractive with the beachwear you decide to wear. You can look for the best Beach Dresses and Cover-Ups online.

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The sarong has become one of the most popular forms of beach cover-up today. They are versatile and look very fashionable with the vast array of colors or designs they can be bought in. A sarong is basically an oversized piece of material that is lightweight and very cool to wear. 

Because of their versatility, they can be tied around the waist and used as a substitute for a skirt or even used to cover the top half of the body like a shawl.

And because of their appearance, you are not just limited to wearing them on the beach. They can be worn in the evenings as well when you go to a restaurant or a bar. So it's easy to see why the sarong is so popular.