Technology is developing rapidly, and most industries are benefiting a lot from it. The healthcare industry is no exception. Since everyone is part of today's mobile era, this upgrade makes not only patients easier but doctors too. Here is a list of some of the current medical apps for patients by different categories such as B. Medical reports clinical solutions, medical journals and social media apps.


It is very feature-rich and effective, this mobile app is very popular in the medical community. This application is very useful to interact and find useful information about drugs. Interestingly, this application allows users to easily find other providers of recommendations and suggestions.

Another important feature of LASO is that it can directly calculate some patient readings such as BMI. iOS and Android versions are available. You can get this application for free. However, to get the most useful features like disease information, alternative medicine, lab guides, etc., there is an in-app purchase option.

Through this app you can frequently ask clinical questions is made easy with the help of this dynamic mobile app. It offers consumers quality and depth in various medical fields which is very useful for medical professionals and doctors. LASO is available for both Android and iOS versions. You can download the app without spending a penny, but a subscription is required to access its extensive information.

This application is very useful for practitioners. It will be useful to them as it provides extensive educational materials and details on various drugs. In addition, you can browse content provided by experienced doctors to help doctors make decisions.