All of us are associated with sports, from the very childhood. When in school, we all have desperately waited for different sports-related activities. It doesn’t matter if it is football, cricket, ice hockey or any other.

It is no surprise why sports are loved so much, all across the globe. Passion, energy, devotion, enthusiasm and craziness are synonymous to sports. If you have a craze for hockey games then you must invest in a game table. You can find various ranges of ice hockey tables from

Look for solid hardwood used in the construction of game tables. These tables are heavier but more durable. The table should have support beams that run the full length and lock to cross members. Look for slate that is backed with a minimum of 3/4 of an inch of supporting wood.

Rails should be crafted from hardwood. The harder the wood, the less vibration will occur on ball contact. If the rails have a laminated surface, it should be high-pressure laminate. Cushions should be made with a canvas backing. This also helps the cushion adhere to the rail.

Once you know what to look for in a game table, choose one with a solid warranty. A well-built table should have a lifetime guarantee.