The two main styles of truffles are white and black, with black truffle sea salt being the common white variety. In truffle cooking, each of these two types of truffles has distinct and individual qualities, so it is best to choose the type that you prefer to incorporate in your cooking before you can actually begin your search for the perfect truffle.

The black truffles have been the most used variety of truffle salt and are considered to be the highest quality. They are also known as Tunisian truffles because they originated in Tunisia. So there you have it – the traditional black truffle is the black truffle sea salt. However, there are many black truffles that are cultivated in different countries, including California.

The key difference between the white and black truffles is that white truffles have a white interior, while black truffles have a black interior. If the white truffles are still a little hard for you to swallow, then you can try one of the flavored ones. Some of the most popular flavors are cloves, basil, chocolate, fennel seeds, and even nutmeg.

In essence, when you purchase white truffles, you will also get black truffles, and vice versa. It is essential that you choose the ones that come packaged separately, as you would be able to avoid having them mixed in with each other. This is very important in making truffle dishes.

In cooking, truffle salt has its pros and cons. Both the white and black varieties are equally tasty, but black truffles tend to melt into the flavor of the meat, and white truffles tend to stick together more. While cooking, they can affect the flavor of the food, but this is only natural as they both have their own characteristic taste.

The difference between the two types of truffle salt comes from the amount of sulfur in them. Sulfur is a crucial component to any kind of dish, as it helps to give a sauce, a flavor, or just the color and shine that you are looking for.

Black truffles may also be used in recipes that are prepared using white truffles, but beware – the white truffles will not be as colorful as the black truffles. Therefore, if you want a dramatic effect, you might want to buy the black truffles first and then put them in your cooking dish.

The truth is that it all depends on how well you like your own cooking. While both are delicious, some people like the black truffles and others do not, but there is no denying that the white variety is tastier and thus more popular.