Concentrates are high-THC extracts from the cannabis plant, whether it is Indica, Sativa, or hybrid. You can heat them and inhale them through a "dabbing" device, or infuse them in a preroll or flower. You can buy them from any dispensary. They come in many varieties. The THC content of cannabis is extracted from the concentrates. 

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THC, the cannabinoid responsible for mild hallucinations or psychotropic effects, is what you get. Another cannabinoid that helps to reduce the THC's intensity is CBD. Together they create an intense effect known as " The entourage effect." 

Terpenes are chemical compounds that give off the flavor and aroma of cannabis strains. To extract the THC and aromatic Terpenes from the cannabis flower, butane or carbon dioxide is used. The concentrates are a bright yellow, waxy substance.


Concentrates are loved by many people for their higher THC content and terpene profile. The concentrate can have a smoother, more flavorful hit depending on how it is used. 

Because there are fewer carcinogens in concentrate than with burning flowers, they are safer for you. Concentration or a dab can be very intense so make sure you are careful around machinery and don’t drive.


If the temperature is not controlled and concentrates are exposed to too much heat, they can dry quickly. Put it on parchment paper and place it in silicone or tempered glass container. They will last longer and be more enjoyable.