Sometimes when a person realizes that they require glasses, they are able to simply choose a pair 'off the shelf' and purchase them. However, in some cases these glasses are not sufficient to correct a person's visual impairment, in which case Prescription Lenses may be required.

Corrective lenses are only prescribed to a person after an eye test performed by an optician or optometrist who will determine if the patient's vision is so impaired that he or she needs a unique prescription to suit their needs and we hope this will correct the individual's vision problems. 

When prescribing eyeglass lenses, the optometrist takes into account not only the physical condition of both eyes, but also the patient's near and far vision. To make sure your vision is correct, you can also buy HP reverb prescription lenses from various online sources.

The patient's unique physiognomy, such as: Factors such as the distance between the cornea and lens are also included to create a unique prescription.

There is a wide variety of prescription lens suppliers who are able to manufacture lenses that can meet almost any user need because no two eyes are the same. For example, a bifocal lens combines the distance and reading distance in a single lens with a dividing line.

This means that the user has two pairs of glasses in one, as they can see from afar as well as read objects up close. This is especially useful when the user reaches middle age, the stage when people usually suffer from "presbyopia", which means we can't focus properly on the subject.