Your home is the most important purchase you will make. You may be shocked at the extent of damage to your home if it is damaged by water or fire. Although there are similarities, fire damage can be more severe than water damage. There are overlaps between the two types of damage, and there are different methods and tools for each. You can also take the help of reliable & safe water damage professionals to resolve this issue.

Water damage can occur from three sources. Each one presents a unique set of challenges to professional cleaning. Category 1 refers to clean water. Category 2 refers to water that may have been contaminated. Category 3 is water that may be contaminated by a source.

The first category is for minor damage that does not require structural intervention. The second category is for larger fires that may cause significant structural damage to small areas of the house. Category three is for serious structural damage and will likely need professional repair.

Mold and mildew that has not been treated can render a house uninhabitable and reduce its value.

It is important to act quickly if your home has been severely damaged by water, fire, or both. The sooner repairs are made, the lower the chance of mold growth or other structural weaknesses.

A qualified professional can help you restore your home to its original condition and protect the value of your other assets, which are more valuable than your home.