The enchanting ruins of the Incan civilization and dramatic scenery around every corner make the Palccoyo Mountains tours an adventurer's dream. However, there are some popular hiking routes in Peru that require more than a reasonable level of fitness to tread. 

You can explore the Inca Trail which is the most famous tourist trail. Despite his fame, it wasn't ideal for someone who didn't take preparatory measures. Palccoyo trek, Rainbow Mountain, and Huaraz are a few areas, apart from the Inca Trail, where you can't go on an unprepared trek. You can click for the advance booking of your tour.

palccoyo rainbow mountain tours

You don't have to worry because this theme will help you enjoy your trip.

Buy trekking shoes: Even the most reputable travel agencies that organize the best adventure hikes in Peru are useless if you don't invest in a good pair of trekking shoes. You should choose something that will protect your feet from water and sharp rocks while maintaining proper traction.

Build your fitness: Another important thing is to build your fitness level. You don't need to have a Herculean figure, but some practice can increase your stamina and stamina. If you have a sloping path around your house, you should walk on it with the weight on your back. 

Be prepared for the weather: You already know when the dry season comes and when the rainy season will flood the country. On the other hand, you should expect sudden rains from time to time even during the dry season. Therefore, never avoid wearing a waterproof coat or poncho. Also, the temperature changes rapidly from hot to cold. That's why you need to wrap several layers of clothing.