One thing that all sleep experts agree on is the need for consistent, predictable, and regular bedtimes. No matter what the routine, make sure the same thing happens every night. 

Your baby will quickly learn to associate certain events and situations with bedtime with the help of sleep professionals for babies, although it may take a week or two to develop new sleep habits. Once a routine is established, stick to it every night.

Here are some tips that can help:

o Let your baby kick well to get tired.

o Help your baby relax in a warm bath – when he comes out, the cooler surrounding air will lower his temperature and help trigger the sleep mechanism.

o Massage your baby or read him bedtime stories to help him relax and unwind.

o Wear special clothes on your baby that are only worn at bedtime.

o Wrap your baby in a cotton blanket or put him in a baby's sleeping bag to remind him of the warmth and comfort of the womb.

o Use keywords like “bedtime” or “nights” so your baby associates them with sleep.

o Put your baby down after he wakes up and before he actually falls asleep, otherwise he may be surprised to find that your comforting hand is not there when he wakes up.

o Get used to sleeping in a crib.

o Make sure the room is dark and quiet. This helps to distinguish between day and night.

Everyone has a latency period before falling asleep, so don't expect your baby to fall asleep once he's in his crib. Crying for no apparent reason before bedtime is also normal for most babies. Sometimes your baby just needs to relax after a hard day and crying makes them sleepy.