Time and attendance software is an essential part of any HR system today and ensures that companies are moving towards effective HR practices and excellence. To be able to take effective decisions in an organization, it is important to have accurate data on the whereabouts and movements of employees. We no longer live in a time where companies use daily attendance lists, time cards, and hours, which have manual entry and exit processes for each employee. Such procedures are time-consuming and easy to manipulate. 

In today's technology world, HR managers have more efficient, time-saving, and easy-to-use tools for attendance and time tracking. If you are also looking to become one of them then you can click this link and have the effective, efficient, and easy-to-use attendance tracking software.

What is Time & Attendance Software? - ZingHR

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In addition to regular attendance support, the extended hours' software offers a variety of security and access functions. With just one click, you can create a standard attendance report. Some systems even provide the ability to allow employees to work on time even if they are working remotely or working from home and other similar circumstances arise.

The main features of the advanced time tracking software are

  • Collect attendance for biometric and photo authentication
  • The calculation of employee remuneration is based on the number of working days or periods of time, taking into account lateness, overtime, etc.
  • Mark late or early morning hours and generate weekly reports
  • Employees can apply for pre-planned vacations using the software
  • Database with employee personal data
  • Leave marks and information about eligibility
  • Supervisor Shift
  • Live and fake finger detection