While you may come across a multitude of photography tutorials that focus on lenses, cameras, and lighting, there is one significant piece of photography gear that often gets neglected and somehow slips by the photography forums–the camera strap!

If you are also a professional photographer, then you must navigate to https://gariz.com.au/ for buying a high-quality camera strap. So let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons why you should buy a good camera strap:


A photographer subconsciously relies on this accessory, usually to hold his treasured possession securely when he decides to stay hands-free. A camera strap is a substitute for the hands and allows you to perform other tasks even when there is no surface to rest the camera upon. 


While letting the camera slip out of your hands is a situation that often knocks on a photographer’s door, straps make sure that your equipment never falls and crashes into pieces. After spending a fortune on your precious camera, you probably wouldn’t mind giving away a few more bucks to ensure its safety.


One of the top reasons why most professionals can never be spotted without a strap is that it can distribute the heavyweight of high-end cameras over the shoulders, chest, and back. Camera straps eliminate neck and hand pains and allow you to work for long hours.