Corporate Housing can be a great alternative to staying in a hotel, from both the comfort side of things, as well as the financial side of things. But there are some things you need to look out for.

Top  Things To Watch For

1. Cleaning Fees.
Even if you leave your apartment in pristine condition, you need to know how much, if any, of your deposit is refundable. You also need to know if and how they bill you for “cleaning overages”. Many good corporate housing in Birmingham companies will simply just charge your card on file for hundreds more than the actual cost to clean your apartment.

Cozy Comfy Workers Cottage 【 NOV 2021 】 Cottage in Brisbane, Australia

2. Move Out / Vacate Notice Policy.
Need to stay an extra day? Look out for a huge daily rate increase. Many corporate housing companies will work with you on a couple extra days, and keep you rate prorated accordingly.

Many, will not. We have heard horror stories of people paying $80 per day, and then extending for a week more, and getting hit with $150 (and higher) daily rates. Even if you think your move out date is firm, double check. Most of the time if a company will take advantage of you in one way, they will in others as well.

3. Hidden Fees.
Many times, if you are lucky, you will get your furnished apartment with all the amenities included in the price. Great! Other times, when you arrive, you realize you have to pay for parking, cable TV (some provide basic cable of only 20 some odd channels), rent to use the fitness center, pool passes, etc. Make sure everything you need is covered in the price.