Call forwarding allows you to stay connected at all times even if you are out of office or simply unable to access your desk phone. Manage your entire business from any location by transferring all of your incoming calls to your mobile phone, home phone and any other number you choose. Take advantage of the many benefits call forwarding offers to your remote staff, external customer support and mobile employees. You can find best phone forwarding services.
The call forwarding feature allows you to forward incoming calls to another mobile phone number, a home number, an off-site switchboard or even an external call center. Call forwarding ensures your calls never go unattended so you can respond to your business calls from anywhere — with your mobile phone while on the go or via your laptop while hot-desking.
Call Forwarding: Best Use Cases
Customer service
Call forwarding is greatly appreciated by customer support teams because it ensures optimal inbound call management regardless of the day, time and physical location of your support team. A call forwarding management system gives you the flexibility to properly manage calls in line with your team's availability and absences whilst taking into consideration agent skill availability.
As a sole trader, being able to transfer your business calls to your mobile phone number gives you extreme flexibility to keep contact with your new and existing customers. Running a business alone means more time spent on-the-go and less time tied to a desk. Setting up a virtual business phone number with an automatic call transfer system therefore hands you the powers of a large company to manage every single call with ease.