A short-term Paris vacation is a good way to find a decent place to stay without spending your entire travel budget. The apartment in Paris is generally fully furnished, good, and strategically located near the shopping district, restaurants, and other highlights of the city. 

However, most people do not know that you can choose the area of Paris to stay depending on their interests and preferences. If you want to explore regarding the Paris sightseeing voyages, then search the browser.

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Here's a quick guide that will help you know the best areas to hunt for a Paris vacation.

For buyers

If you want to go to Paris to experience shopping at various stores in the city, then you should stay near the Champs Elysees or in the Marais Quarter. Champs Elysees Avenue is known for its high-end shopping buildings, all of which are newly renovated. 

For lovers and romantic people

If you want to visit Paris and have your honeymoon in the City of Light, then you should rent an apartment near Montmartre or the Marais Quarter area. Montmartre area is like a village in the town where you can find a cozy apartment and companies. 

This area is full of a quiet and beautiful garden where you can spend a wonderful day to appreciate the beauty of the city. 


Of course, your visit to Paris would not be complete without you experiencing the city's nightlife. Latin Quarter is known for its selection of bars and clubs. 

It is the student area where everyone and everything comes to life at night. In the morning, the streets are also beautiful with trendy bars and fancy cafes.