There are many ways to damage glass and windows. Regular wear and tear are enough to cause minor problems. However, if this option is not enabled, this small problem can become a big problem in the end. Until then, the repair costs will be significantly higher than the original repair.

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Regular maintenance and inspections are important. If you find window damage of any type, consider hiring a professional glass repair company to fix the problem.


Broken windows are a safety issue, especially if you have children or dogs. All it takes is an excited dog or child to lean against a broken window and they may fall.

Not only is it dangerous for your child or pet, but also anyone who is present at the time. If the window is on the upper floor, the risk of falling is even greater.


A broken window is an obvious entrance for thieves, but getting out of a tree or map covering the hole is also an invitation for opportunistic thieves to enter your property and take what they want.

You may think the windows on the upper floors are too high, but there are thieves who disagree and want to take the plunge.