To protect against red light error, keep games in a well-ventilated area and try not to keep them nearby for long periods of time. Read on for instructions on the best way to permanently fix the malfunction. You can also purchase selfie ring light via .

Apparently this error condition is due to a soldering difficulty, where the solder joints around the GPU / CPU have cracked or loose. Braces tend to flex the uterus, causing the joints to de-weld with heat and pressure. There is more than one way to make this correction. This is simply a method that some favor.


1) The first thing you have to do is disconnect the electricity, then open the Xbox and remove all the internal components. No special tools are required, but you may need a pair of Torx screwdrivers or parts, dimensions T8 and T10. Some people today use a stiff paperclip or possibly a fork to gently pry the device open.

2) After all the components have been removed, push the DVD, turn off the fans, remove the motherboard. Next, remove the X-clamps that hold the heat sinks to the motherboard.

3) Next, you want to remove the old heatsink compound from those chips and the heatsink. Be very careful when doing this, so as not to damage the chips.

Do not rush this component as it is vital that the surfaces are perfectly smooth for optimal heat conduction. The chips will shine like a mirror when washed.