Business cards are one of the main networking tools that any professional in any industry should have. Social media is essential for all businesses and businesses in the growing business economic system and can make or break a business, especially if it is a new or small business.

Allowing yourself to run out of cards or forgetting to take them somewhere can lead to the loss of potential customers. 

  • Keep your VIP business cards in your wallet, purse, or pocket, or carry them in your cardholder in your car. You must always have your cards with you because you don't want to be without one if you need one.
  • Store your business cards in your office, be it at the front desk workplace or your office. This should be a fact, but there are many times that people do not have them in their offices when there are clients or clients there. This will never give a good first look. Giving a customer a card is more professional than writing down all the information on a piece of paper.

  • Also provide your business cards to local businesses, shops, and restaurants. Many will have no problem keeping cards on their counters for their customers, as long as you provide products or services that they can communicate with or are a local business owner as well.
  • Post a collection of business cards at hotels in the area. Hotels are another place to use a new customer base. If travelers have extra time on their hands or are looking for something to do, they are always interested in seeing the area and their business cards give them an idea of where to visit.