Civilians around the globe were increasingly looking for life safety equipment and escape face maks that could protect them from inhalants such as radiological, chemical, and nuclear. Anthrax attacks in the USA further fueled this demand.

Companies saw the potential for increased sales of personal safety masks and began to market them to the public. These safety products were recognized by governments all over the globe as a response to terrorist attacks and an important weapon in wartime.

The transparent, airtight bag wraps around the head and allows for easy breathing. An air filter is kept in the mouth to connect to the outside environment. To protect people from smoke inhalation, smoke hoods are used. You can check out this link to find modern gas mask hoods for safety purposes.

The oxygen produced by smoke hoods on an aircraft (also known as Protective Breathing Equipment) can last anywhere from 30 seconds up to 15 minutes. A tight neck seal keeps the oxygen in a closed circuit.

The scrubber system can be used to reduce carbon dioxide levels. It is breathable for approximately 20 minutes. The hood will start to deflate when the oxygen supply stops. This must be removed in order not to suffocate.

Smoke hoods of high quality are made from heat-resistant materials that can withstand very high temperatures. A filter that protects against the harmful byproducts of combustion is the most important component of a smoke hood.