Learning to drive is a great investment for your future, giving you the opportunity to move around from A to B at a moment's notice. However, if you want to learn well, and quickly, you need to find a good driving instructor – but what makes a true pro?

Probably the most important characteristic that a driving instructor must possess is patience – and plenty of it – and it may also be fair to say that alongside patience an instructor needs a little brave tool. You can navigate to this website https://adriveacademy.co.uk/ to find female driving instructor.

Not all learner drivers are created equal – while some find it easy to learn to control the big chunk of metal in their hands, others may have less spatial awareness, coordination, and natural flair when they first get behind the wheel.

A good instructor understands that everybody starts with a different level of ability and some need more guidance and time to develop their skills than others. 

Although for most people it won't make any difference, there are some learners who may prefer to have an instructor of a specific gender. 

Some women may feel safer and more comfortable with another female in the car, and perhaps some men would rather not be taught such a masculine perceived skill by someone of the female persuasion!

Regardless of gender, however, the number one thing that all driving instructors must have is the correct qualification to teach; look for a green license displayed in the car's window which shows that they're an Approved Driving Instructor. 

Whether you're taking regular, weekly lessons or prefer the idea of intensive driving courses so that you can pass quickly, your instructor should be understanding and approachable.