A dental crown is an adaptive shaped dental cap that is placed over the tooth to enhance the beauty or protect the tooth. The main purpose of a dental crown is to restore the strength, size, and shape of the tooth. The crown completely covers the visible part of the tooth that is above the jawline.

There are situations when a dental crown is required. With the help of your dentist, the following reasons could be several reasons such as restores the structure of a broken or worn tooth, filling cavities, to cover discolored or deformed teeth, etc.

dental crown

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Type of crown

The types of crowns available can be made of all-metal, porcelain, stainless steel,fused metal, or all ceramic. The best choice for your teeth will depend on your choice as well as your dentist's advice.

Metal: The metals used to make dental crowns include gold alloys, other metal alloys, and base metal alloys such as nickel. The number of teeth that must be extracted to attach a metal crown is less than for other types of crowns.

They are popular for their tolerance to wear and tear, which lasts longer, and their ability to resist biting and chewing. 

Stainless steel: This is the second type of crown that can be used on teeth. However, this material is usually used temporarily over teeth. In children, stainless steel crowns are used on baby teeth to protect them from prolonged tooth decay.