Employers today have many resources at their disposal to conduct criminal background checks on potential employees. Why take chances when past behavior is a good predictor of future performance on the job?

There are many areas on a job application and/or resume that can be falsified. An employment criminal check can verify all the information submitted by the job applicant. To get more information about the background checks, then you can also contact the best criminal background check companies at www.peopletrail.com/services/criminal-background-check/.

Research indicates that some 34% of job applicants lie or provide misleading information on their applications.

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With an employment criminal background check, most of the following can be verified; dates of employment, reasons for leaving, salary, job duties, titles, and rehire status. You can easily hire background check companies in the US.

Employers want to ensure that their assets are secure.  Felony offenses can also be included in a criminal history check. These would include aggravated assault, grand theft, and any other crimes involving incarceration for over a year.

Some jobs require a certain level of professional expertise and education. Lawyers and doctors must have professional licenses and degrees. A pre-employment background check is necessary to verify that all the degrees and licenses listed on a job application are legitimate.