A criminal defense lawyer is essential for anyone charged with serious crimes that could lead to imprisonment. A strong legal strategy will help the accused to exercise all their rights to a fair trial. A Tampa’s criminal defense lawyer helps to prevent any mistakes from being made by the accused.

After suspects have been taken into custody, they must appear before a judge for an arraignment. A criminal defense lawyer from https://www.muscalaw.com/locations/tampa can assist them in understanding the reasons they might want to plead guilty or not guilty. They can argue for no bail or request a lower amount from the judge. 

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They can help the accused find options to obtain bail money. A preliminary hearing is held by a magistrate to determine if enough evidence exists to warrant a trial. Because both sides have the right to present evidence and witnesses, this is sometimes called a mini-trial. The judge decides whether jurors could convict the defendant based on the evidence. 

The magistrate then sets the date for trial if the judge finds the defendant guilty. In certain circumstances, the accused's legal counsel may try to negotiate a plea deal to avoid a harsher sentence. The details of what is allowed at pretrial motion hearings are then debated by both sides. 

The magistrate hears arguments from both the defense and prosecution lawyers about what testimony can be used to influence jurors. If the accused confessed under duress, their lawyers can challenge it and have it thrown out.  A competent criminal defense attorney can help protect them from being wrongfully prosecuted.