In medical terms, the spread of cancer forms one part of the body known as staging. The early days of cancer, when cancer has just begun in the lungs, known as stage 1 lung cancer. At this time, a malignant tumor is limited to one place and somehow started to spread to other parts of the body. You can get more information about lung cancer online at

A deployment that begins in the lungs requires malignant cancer cells are really small and are present in the lungs but it begins to spread to other organs of the body when it destroys tissue. Also known as primary tumors, these tumors tend to grow tissue within the lungs where it is located. At a certain point, no matter how early as possible, the survival rate of lung cancer is not as high as compared to other types of cancer.

Delay in Diagnosing Cancer Leads to Metastatic Spread

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Lung cancer is known as one of the most dangerous forms of cancer in the world today and it is responsible for more than 100,000 deaths each year. Even with the staggering statistics as valid, there are still many people who do not realize that smoking tobacco or cigarettes, in this case, is the leading reason for lung cancer cases. 

On the other hand, second-hand smoke, also known as secondhand smoke is even more dangerous than smoking first hand especially those associated with stage 1 lung cancer. Cigarettes are usually filled with nicotine that is addictive, not toxic to people. If there is excessive exposure to carcinogens or pollutants, there are concerns that cells in the lungs may experience a growth pattern that is not coordinated and abnormal.