There are many hair regrowth shampoos on the market today. Just search the internet and you will find a website. Most of them are scams. These companies have no proof that their products really work and most don't.

The only natural shampoos that have been shown to be effective in certain studies are those that contain plant extracts that block DHT. DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is a hormone that is responsible for most cases of hair loss in men and women. 

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This hormone is made when the male hormone testosterone mixes with certain enzymes. In genetically susceptible people, DHT interferes with hair follicle growth and causes hair loss. 

This process is usually very gradual and most people go unnoticed at first. Several natural extracts have been shown to block this hormone and are used to make hair regrowth shampoos.

Most DHT blocking shampoos are very mild, but still effective. They are made from natural ingredients and have no side effects. This is an advantage they have over prescription drugs for hair loss. They also provide nutrients for your hair.

Even with a good hair regrowth shampoo, you won't see results overnight. You will have to use it for several months to see results.

Finding a hair regrowth shampoo that works can be very difficult. The only way to find an effective product is to do a lot of research and try the product yourself.