Nowadays swimming pools also offer rehabilitation exercises for patients with disabilities. However, most of these patients are equipped with disabled access devices, which are pool access products that meet ADA guidelines for disabled pool access, including pool lifts, access ladders, and pool stairs and ramps.

Water wheelchairs are designed for use in and around water and it is one of the best disability mobility equipment to accessible pools for disabled persons. This water wheelchair is especially useful in swimming pools and showers. Aqua trek wheelchairs are equipped with swing armrests and stainless steel armrests on the rear wheels. It is made of commercially available PVC and the finest stainless steel fasteners to be durable and non-corrosive. Shoulder strap and seat belt are sold separately.

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The movable water chair is designed for pools with ramps, no-depth entrances or movable floors. It is specially developed for use in bodies of water with corrosion resistant stainless steel frames.

The movable water seat features a stiff, swiveling 18 inch wide seat that assists with consumer shifting and a rear stabilizer wheel that eliminates the tendency to tilt forwards or backwards when using ramp access. It comes with a detachable armrest and weighs 300 pounds.

The Aqua step ADA is portable and extremely durable, but lightweight and has a very limited warranty on its lifetime construction frame. An optional guard is a guard that is installed after the ladder is placed in the water and hangs over the frame rails and secured by an adjustable turnbuckle.