Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right eye shadow and apply it correctly. Many women have difficulty choosing the right color for their eyes. It doesn't have to be so difficult, as it can sometimes seem. 

It is easy to choose the right eye shadow type and shade for your eyes if you follow a few guidelines. 

It is important to know that cream matte eye shadow colors blend better with each other than frosted colors. Therefore, matte colors are the best option for beginners and the best for everyday wear. When searching online, you can check the pretty eyeshadow kits via

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You can use matte colors for daytime looks. However, they are the best type of eye shadow to use if your goal is to create a more smoky look.

Powder eye shadow can be used in both matte and frosted colors.

These matte colors, especially those in neutral tones, can be used to accent your eyes and create a natural look. Frosted shades are fun and dramatic but they don't have the natural look of matte colors.

Basic colors like gray, brown, and charcoal are great choices for eye shadow colors. These colors can be worn for daytime wear or in dark shades to create dramatic evening looks.

Many people love to use colors like violet, green, and blue eye shadows, especially when they enhance their eye color or complement the outfit. Choose colors that complement your skin tone.

Darker eye shadow colors are best for darker skin tones. Lighter shades can look artificial and dusty against darker skin tones. If you have very pale skin, light to medium shades is best.