The United States still considers cannabis products to be controlled substances. Even though a growing number of Americans want to legalize cannabis recreationally, this sad reality isn't changing. As countries and states around the globe try to legalize marijuana, researchers and scholars have been looking for alternatives.

This is where Delta 8-THC comes in a clutch, especially for Americans. Delta 8-THC is not something you've heard of before. This latest addition to cannabis is creating confusion. It's time for us to find out more and clarify the facts! We will learn more details about delta 8 THC through

What is the Delta 8-THC?

Let's get to the science behind THC and the exciting world of hemp without a further introduction!

A Family of Cannabinoids

Delta 8-THC, also known as Hemp and marihuana, is one of many compounds naturally found in cannabis plants. It is closely related to Delta 9-THC which is the psychoactive ingredient that gives you the "high" feeling. When “smoking” it is the Delta 9-THC that you experience.

They are so similar that many people can't tell the difference based on their molecular structures. Delta 8-THC, however, binds to brain receptors in a completely different manner, leading to two completely different experiences. While Delta 8-THC is new, it offers great possibilities as it rivals many of the beneficial effects of Delta 9-THC.

Delta 8 is much less potent and has fewer side effects than Delta 9-THC making it the superior form of THC to many cannabis consumers throughout the United States.