Your financial advisor is someone you really have to trust. Ultimately, you give them access to sensitive personal information and allow them to advise you on issues that could have a major impact on your future financial health. 

So what are the main factors to consider when deciding which service to use?

1. An advisor's qualifications and experience are usually an initial consideration, but since you are looking for a certified financial advisor, you already know they have achieved one of the highest qualifications available in their profession and will likely be able to provide you with advice across markets.

However, make sure your prospective CFA is registered with the FCA and can provide you with a professional status statement to verify their charter status. You can now also get in touch with the best 401k advisor via

5 Best Search Engines to Find a Financial Advisor

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2. Paying fees to financial advisors via commission is now prohibited, so be prepared to pay their fees directly or through investment recommendations. You would expect to pay an amount commensurate with the expertise of the expert, as you would expect from an accountant, appraiser, or other professionals with a similar reputation.

3. The location of your advisor is of course very important. You will need to attend several face-to-face meetings and provide documents as proof of identity and address, as well as financial statements that your advisor will need to provide you with appropriate advice. Therefore, you should find someone at a reasonable distance.