Many writers find it difficult to decide whether they want to publish their books. It's easier than ever to self-publish a book thanks to today's technology. You can easily publish your own book online on and various other portals. 

Self-publishing can be as profitable as any other business. To make a living as a writer, you must be able to write books quickly and maximize your time.

First, you must decide whether your book should be published by a publisher or yourself. When deciding the best and most lucrative way to publish your book, there are three factors to take into consideration.

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First, time is a consideration. If you decide to publish your book through a traditional publisher, you will first need to convince them that you are worthy of publication. This can take many years and many rejections before you finally find the right publisher.

Traditional publishing houses can also publish your book according to its timeline. Books are published in advance. It could take up to three years before your book is available on the market.

Self-publishing a book is possible with no time restrictions. You have two options: take your time, publish it later or speed-track the process so your book is ready in a matter of days.

Control is the next consideration. Once you sign a publishing contract you're signing away your copyright to your work, so your book then effectively becomes the publisher's book. This means that as the author you will now have little or no say when it comes to your book title, design, or cover. Yet marketing and promoting the book will still be your responsibility.

The last consideration is profit. With traditional publishing houses, the authors have no up-front costs as far as publishing goes and instead are paid a royalty for every book sold.