What many people don't realize is that it's 100% legal for people to shoot your trash. In this digital age, most identity theft still takes place on paper. It's important for businesses and individuals to rip sensitive information on paper and consider shredder services if necessary.

Criminals will risk "diving into the trash" so that your valuable information is stolen from you. You can also choose cost-effective way to destroy sensitive information in Perth.

By destroying all documentation with confidential personal information, you take one of the most important steps to protect your identity and the future of your family.

The fact is that everyone must destroy their personal documents to avoid a disaster situation.

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What should I separate?

The elements to be deducted include everything that includes your social security number, your signature, medical / account records, legal information, no account/bank information is required, as well as your password and PIN.

You should also consider destroying sensitive material that contains addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses safely.

How long do I have to save the document before I can destroy it?

After a long time, you might find that your filing cabinet is filled with personal information that is late for fragmentation.

You might also be confused about which items will start cutting. Here are some guidelines to follow when considering your local shredding service.

Account reports – must be kept for one year. However, keep records that reflect your own work, mortgage, or other personal or large business expenses as long as necessary.