A marquee is a great way to get the party started. There are many sizes available, from 10×10 feet up to 300 feet.

Marquees are often more affordable than standard banquet halls. It is easy to rent, assemble and even disassemble a marquee. Many rental companies will even provide a set-up service. There are many options available depending on whether you're having a formal, semiformal, or casual party. You can also search online for the the best party gazebo marquee rental in the UK.

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Let's take a look at some of the choices.

Frame tents

Frame tents are simple structures that consist of a canopy and support posts. Frame tents are usually free of walls and windows. The lack of center poles also means that there is more space for setting up food stands or seating people.

Pole tents

Pole tents, which use both perimeter and inner poles as support, are a popular choice. Because the structure is lighter due to more poles, it can be transported and installed easily.

Pole tents are ideal for large open spaces because they can be extremely large and wide. Pole tents are much larger than frame tents, which have a limit on their size.

Popup tents

Popup tents are great for low-key events that require a minimal cost. Popup tents can be easily set up and taken down in minutes.

The problem with this tent is its size. It is usually no larger than 20×20 feet. A popup tent is sufficient if you are not planning on hosting large events.

Marquees can be used outdoors unless they are very small. In that case, they can be used as kiosks. You have two options when it comes to tents: vinyl or polyester.