The manitowoc crane outdoes all other cranes in terms of flexibility and efficiency. It is equipped with the best lifting technology to tackle every civil engineering project. The cranes are able to reach hundreds of feet up into the air, and extend out as far.

The high-utility equipment can be utilized to lift concrete, steel and large tools such as generators, acetylene torches, and generators as well as an array of other construction materials. 

Manitowoc cranes services are an advanced version of the balance crane. They provide the best combination of lifting capacity and height. This crane is comprised of the following parts like:

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1. Base: The base is attached to the base of the ground which supports the crane.

2. Mast (tower): It is connected to the base to reduce space and give stability, this part is part of the crane typically attached to large beams and which are braced on the finished structure. 

3. Slewing unit: It's mounted on the highest point of the mast. It is equipped with a motor and gear which allows it to turn.

4. Jib: This is attached to the slewing device. The Jib is used to hang the trolley's weight. The motor for the trolley is within the Jib.

5. Counter Jib: this component is attached to the slewing unit. It is a counterweight made of concrete blocks. 

The cabin for the operator is located at the highest point of the tower, and is attached to the slewing device, however it is able to be attached to the Jib or in a part of the tower.

The lifting hook is controlled by electric motors to move wire rope cables using the sheaves of a system.The operator is in partnership with the signaler to hook or unhook the load.