Our busy lives make us look for convenience It's just our nature. Wipes for makeup are a great instance, rather than taking the time to wash your face in the water, we usually use a wipe to make the process faster. But they stay longer than you imagine, as it takes many years for them to break down in the garbage.

The most concerning aspect about all this is the fact that cotton pads and wipes have become a standard part of our routine that we don't even consider how inefficient this is. But reusable, sustainable LastSwab beauty & makeup pads can be a great alternative to these, and they're an easy method of doing your part for the planet.

LastSwab Beauty

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Here are a few advantages:


It would be a shock to learn the number of chemicals that are used, particularly pesticides, as well as the water usage and the destruction of the soil that is needed to produce cotton. When you consider it, causing environmental damage for a single-use like taking off makeup doesn't seem like a good idea. Also, disposing of cotton pads usually come packaged in plastic bags that are single-use.

Amazing for your skin:

Reusable makeup pads are a blessing for your skin. Made from bamboo that is organic as well as 100% cotton and a heavenly softness, they make them ideal for all types of skin and especially for areas that are sensitive like the eyes. 

Disposable face wipes may cause irritation or blockage of the pores because of the chemicals in these pads, but reusable ones are not as rough to the face. They are also so absorbent, they'll remove mascara that is waterproof!