Do you believe your company requires security measures against cybercriminals? To protect your confidential documents and customer data from criminals and hackers, Cyber Essential Certification is crucial. Cyber Essential Certification is a government-approved system that will help you secure your company's data from cyber-attacks online.

General Data Protection Regulation guarantees the security of your personal information, but they do not provide specific steps to protect it. The GDPR states that you are accountable for the personal information you have and you are responsible to secure the data. This aspect of security is covered by Cyber Essentials security programs for system or stored files available at

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Cyber-attacks are among the most frequent crimes that have been committed in recent years. An increase in the rate of crime has had a negative impact on the revenues and image of the organizations which are targeted. Cyber Essentials was introduced to decrease these types of crimes and to make sure that all online businesses are run in a safe manner.

The government worked together with the Information Security Forum (ISF) and the Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises (IASME) consortium and came up with a set of technical strategies to provide protection against these fundamental vulnerabilities in your business. If customers are aware that your business has obtained this certification, they will feel more confident to come back to you more frequently. 

The certification assures them that you've made the first step in securing your privacy too. Being certified by valid certification bodies will help you stay away from hackers that are looking for vulnerable or exposed organizational systems and software. The certification badge also gives you the benefit of attracting clients who view your company to be safe and reliable.