Your home garage is one of the largest features of your home. As such, it means that you want it to work properly and to last a long time. After all, your garage provides your home with a finished look, it protects your vehicles from the elements of nature, offers an additional layer of security and gives you a way to hide the things you have stored for a future date.ou can check this link to hire garage repair services.
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But, like any feature of the home, it must be serviced and maintained or the day will come when you press the remote and your garage door will not raise or lower as needed. At that moment, a simple garage door service call may not be enough. Thankfully, if you are willing to take on some basic garage door maintenance actions, you can minimize the need for an expensive garage door repair appointment.
Garage Door Maintenance – Keeping Service Calls to a Minimum
  • Pay attention to what you see, as well as what you hear-or don’t hear – when you raise and lower the garage door. Note whether things are moving smoothly, is it scraping, and check the springs, pulleys and cables to make sure they are symmetrical.
  • The average garage door is raised and lowered more than a 1,000 times a year. Each time it moves, the nuts, bolts and other hardware are vibrated to some degree. In time, these pieces can work loose. Make time to examine these elements and tighten the roller brackets and bolts using a socket wrench.
  • Replace the weather stripping on the bottom of your garage door. Because it is so exposed to the weather, this piece will sometimes become cracked, brittle, or damaged. This is an easy way to lengthen the lifespan of your garage doors.