Townspeople and townspeople can make all of their favorite Grandma's Day old wines for free. Almost no labor is required because, unlike fresh fruit which needs to be collected and roots that need to be grated, grated, and boiled, the right herbal package is ready to make herbal wine.

Lemons and oranges should be peeled, the fruit chopped and added, and the skins removed. You can also buy orange wine through the web.

What is Orange Wine

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When using a recipe that calls for oats and raisins, note that these must be sterilized before adding them to the "must".


Place all ingredients in a plastic bucket and pour half a gallon of boiling water. Cover and leave for two to three hours. The top of the container must be covered with a polyethylene film without holes in it. It should be pulled down and then tied with a strong thin string or elastic band that fits tightly.

Then boil half the sugar in a liter of water for two minutes and add the rest while it is still boiling. Stir well and when cool, add yeast and nutrients. Cover and allow to ferment in a bucket in a warm place for ten days, stirring daily and immediately closing the lid again.

If you accidentally spoil the taste of your wine by trying to improve it, you can dilute it with sugar water and add other seasonings during fermentation to get the flavor you want. 

If you feel that the taste isn't strong enough, you can pause a bag of herbs in the fermented "must" until you reach your desired flavor strength.