Cloud service providers must invest in the most advanced, modern data center technology to provide a continuous service that is capable of growing with the needs of the customer as time passes. 

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If you have the following essential elements in place there's no reason to believe not:

Next-generation data centers

Datacenter security must adhere to the highest standards of best practice and should be ideally with an ISO 27001 certification, and provide 24/7 monitoring and support. Data centers that provide anything less than this should be avoided.

A continuously monitored network that is monitored regularly

Every cloud service provider will advertise 24/7 support, however, many of them don't deliver on the assurance. It's crucial that the core network is monitored continuously 24/7/365 for uninterrupted access to information and applications whenever they're required.

Resilient applications platforms

Cloud-based applications, such as desktop, data, and voice must be extremely resilient and provide round-the-clock assistance by maintenance teams.

Platforms must be PCI-certified in addition to ISO 27001 compliant, meeting the highest standards for security and support.