Have you been banging the head and looking for real solutions to keep your effective credit card debt working? 

But get down to brass spikes here. Here is a very sharp, very practical information that can help you become debt free and save money in the process. You can even hire credit score fixers via https://www.myoptimumcreditsolutions.com/

Credit Card Payment Strategies

Often the biggest obstacle to becoming debt is without payments and stopping the bleeding. Whatever solutions the credit card debt that you choose to implement there is a common step. The first thing you need to do to get back on track is to stop using your cards. 

Of course, they are convenient and allow you to get things you would not otherwise buy, but that is exactly why they are dangerous and probably why you are in this situation. 

Then document all your credit card accounts / fees. This includes balances, rates, lines of credit, payments, etc. 

Then you have two main options for the organization of payments. In the long term, the figures (when made by the book) support the organization of your debts by interest rate and pay the bills at higher interest first. 

The idea here is, make minimum payments on all accounts except the highest interest account. On this account, pay as much as you can afford. 

Continue until it is paid off, then apply that payment amount to the next card on the list (in addition to the minimum payment you made). Continue to do this until they are all gone.