Apparel and stylists have gotten a little more sophisticated with their branding in the last couple of years, but medical spa marketing still bears an uncanny resemblance to its chain-store counterpart. That's because the premise is basically the same: sell or promote certain spa services and products in an effort to sell or promote the service and product.

Apparel advertising is all about fashion, and aesthetic marketing is all about style. It's an example of advertising designed to pull the consumer into the store, which then pulls them deeper into the concept of the brand. This is part of the reason why medical spa brands do so well; the services are all about enhancing the body, without really straying from the "main stream" of beauty care.

This kind of strategy works well when it comes to marketing aesthetics but is often a little bit hit and miss for more straight-forward apparel brands. There is also the stigma that exists when it comes to medical spa brands; people associate these brands with areas of the spa industry that are truly out of touch. This is where branding specialist MindShots get involved.

It's not a good idea to confuse brand awareness with brand placement, but we can't really say that MindShots aren't aware of this. Instead, they've created an integrated and beautiful way to create a stunning logo that, again, will raise awareness about a brand while also invoking a sense of style and comfort.

When we say "brand placement," we mean using an element in your logo that is part of your overall branding strategy, but it isn't related to your overall branding strategy in any way. For example, the word "sanitize" could stand for your spa or for your entire business, or it could stand for your particular service or your spa, depending on what it represents to you. It may also stand for something specific in your niche, or it may stand for a term you have trademarked, if you have one. In the case of medical spa branding, a logo that uses the word "sanitize" can stand for your entire business, including the treatment options. A logo that incorporates the word "Sanitize" can stand for your spa's name and services, and a third option is to combine the "sanitize" portion of your logo with an equally creative "x" symbol (which represents the question mark) so that it stands for spa services and products, and an x that stands for your name.

This is an idea that has been referred to as "branding worlds colliding," but Mindshots use this idea so brilliantly that it almost becomes as if the two brands are merging into one, making this branding campaign a win-win for all parties involved. The blend of icons that this logo incorporates — sanitize, x, and spa — give the result a well-balanced balance that sets this logo apart from the rest.

To further optimize this campaign, Mindshots introduced an approach called "anchor inverts." Anchor inverts are an innovative and highly effective way to translate existing elements of a brand into a new, refreshing logo.

The Anchor Invert approach requires you to "anchor" the brand and its keywords into your logo to create an entirely new logo. Anchor inverts are extremely effective because they utilize existing elements in your logo to create a new logo that still works well with the original element.

The anchor invert combines the "x" symbol with the sanitize tagline. By doing this, you get a logo that represents not only sanitize but also the X symbol as well, which is extremely valuable in marketing to clients that may not know the exact meaning of "x" (although, the trademark in use of the symbol would help explain the meaning as well).

MindShots has done an exceptional job of combining brand recognition and aesthetic identity in a clever way for the medical spa market. They also understand that this kind of creative branding needs to be linked to your actual physical business location.

Appealing branding solutions are a must in today's world, and not just for medical spas, but for any brand that want to stand out from the crowd. Whether it's a business brand or a lifestyle brand intended for the luxury market, aesthetics are a crucial element that goes far beyond just looking "pretty" to making people think about your brand.